We work as a team and give it a name, SAYSWEB

These are my Research & Development

Dedicated Design DevLoved

Every client is unique in various ways, so we provide unique dedicated designs to all our clients. After the requirement capturing meeting with our clients, we have a brainstorming session with our designers and developers. This leads to a dedicated design for our client. We design according to client's requirement analysis, and we just don't develop it we DEVLOVE it.

Feature Centric Design & Functionality Centric Development.

Feature is a client description of the problem that needs to be developed. These are the small blocks of deliverables. We define features with following template - {action} the {result} {by/for/of/to} a(n) {object}. For eg, Add a product to the shopping cart. We align these features that constitutes an algorithm. We further define the priority and create a work-flow in form of flow chart. All these drills down to give us functionality. Functionality is the software side features that we are going to develop.
Further we segregate features as Core, Necessary and Luxury. Core, without which the machinery will fall, Necessary features are required but quite independent & not core. Lastly, Luxury features are added features that enhances operations and user experience.
To match these features we categorize functionality as - Critical, Common, Private and Created. Critical functionalities are those activities in the system that deal with secret and confidential data. Common functionalities are those that are accessible to all stakeholders of the system. Private are those that are not critical, however private to an entity. And finally, created are the functionalities that deals with data generated by end users.
These hard work we do here help us give a clear picture os all the entity, data and users of the system. This helps the system function with all elegance demanded by the need of hour.

Iterative Design & Linear Development

We humans are not perfect, but we are warriors - fighting a lifetime to achieve accuracy. And practice is the key here. When we design, we know this is the most important phase of SDLC. So, we do it iteratively. We go round and round through our design to shape the adobe to a art piece. We use [FDC]-2 in proper conjunction with IDLD, as while we are iterating though design, we use [FCD]-2 to segregate features and functionality.
A combined approach helps us deliver as perfect solution as possible.